Salsaal and Shamaama

The idea of Salsaal and Shahmaama comes from the two biggest Buddha Statues in Bamiyan which has been destroyed by Taliban in March 2001 in Afghanistan. Salsaal and Shahmaama are two legendary names which have been used for the two Buddha Statues of Bamiyan for decades and as long as local people remember the statues, they have been known by these names. “Salsaal” which have been used for the bigger statue (53m) is a male name which means tall and strong and “Shahmaama” which have been used for the smaller statue (35m) is a female name created of two words of “Shah” means “King” and “Maama” which means “mother – grandmother”. In the culture of Hazara people “Maama” always have been used to address an elder women who have been leading a society and whom had a very important standing and high position in a society. Here “Shahmaama” means, the women who is having a very important social standing and rule.

Salsaal and Shahmaama which is a political play is a meeting between legendary history and real history of Bamiyan and Buddha statues which of course bring up the idea of statues’ destruction.

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